Ever since I was born, photography has been present in my life.

My grandfather, Jaume Calafell Pifarré, was the pioneer of the family. Not only innovate in the art of photography, but it was also the inventor of "Marte Visió." My father Jamue Calafell Pueyo and his brothers, all renowned photographers.

My father, Jaume Calafell Pueyo, a great photographer, my friend. My inspiration.

I never had an interest about professionally photography, but I always carried the camera in my bag.

I reverse an injustice life. I lost the most important person in my life.

Then I had the need to find out in what he spend so many time in. I needed to know why the photography fascinated him so much. In this way, I felt closer to him.

Without giving me account, this desire to see the work of my father, was converted into a must in my life.